How hypnotherapy may help you... 


Hypnotherapy is an alternative complementary therapy which can help with short and long term issues ranging from improving confidence to deliver a speech to weight loss and deep rooted self-esteem issues, breaking habits/behaviours, reducing anxiety and coping with panic attacks, tackling phobias and many many more. The state of consciousness is altered through relaxation of the body and mind followed by personalised suggestions. Here are some more detailed examples below: 


Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

A low self esteem affects all aspects of our lives resulting in negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves, that have been created by our past life experiences. Through hypnotherapy, a healthier self esteem can be generated, making you feel positive and great about yourself. This allows you to function more happily in the present and positively look forward to the future. Equally so, self-confidence can be improved. It is important to be able to feel secure in your own abilities and judgements in life to have a good sense of self worth and feel contented with yourself.  

Weight Management
Managing weight can be very frustrating, stressful and cause a lowering of self esteem; resulting in a cycle of dieting, overeating and feelings of guilt and upset. It is difficult to manage weight without changing your thought processes. Hypnotherapy can do this- change the way you feel and think about the foods you eat, encourage consideration to portion sizes and help you to gain control of cravings. The suggestions made will develop a positive relationship with food and exercising, promote confidence, improve self image and aid in weight management without emotional distress.  
Stress Management
Stress can be a debilitating condition and affects most of us at some point in our lives. Although some stress can be positive such as the anticipation of meeting new people, negative stress can cause related illnesses such as depression. It is not possible to completely change the world we live in but it is possible to change how we react to it. By identifying the causes of stress and suggesting a new response under hypnosis, stress and it's affects can be minimised. 


Stopping Smoking

People smoke for a wide variety of reasons but if you really have a desire to quit then hypnotherapy can be an extremely successful approach. By looking at these reasons, planning and selecting new options and behaviours, the subconscious can be reprogrammed under hypnosis, to help you to become a non smoker.




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